Ademyr Costa

Ademyr Costa was born in Santos, state of São Paulo in the year of 1952. Plastic artist and self-taught, he was inspired on great names of Brazilian arts such as Portinari, Di Cavalcanti and Burle Marx. Internationally, he had Pablo Picasso as your main influence. His early traits were given in the 60s at Elementary School and it was all based on American Cowboy movies.... Read More
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Ademyr Costa- Tuxedo Dog
$ 13,000.00
Ademyr Costa- Pink Dog With Flowers
$ 10,000.00
Ademyr Costa- Blue Dog
$ 6,000.00
Ademyr Costa- 3 Cats
$ 12,000.00
Ademyr Costa- Tan Green Dog
$ 6,800.00
Ademyr Costa- Yellow Dog Blue Stripes
$ 7,200.00
Ademyr Costa- Pink Dog with Green
$ 6,000.00