My mind often feels like a film in fast-forward; endless details, stories, and imagery flood my thought process. Using my hands to draw, build, and create offers a steady method for slowing down to analyze and understand both myself and my environment. My art is as much a physical process as a mental and emotional one; working with large pieces that rely on body movements, like throwing a bucket of paint, allows me to work within a state of controlled chaos, both calculating my movements and embracing the unpredictability of the paint’s splatter. 

Though I’m trained in traditional mediums like oil paint, an experimental approach to mark-making allows me the freedom to go deeper and push boundaries. I use my background in carpentry to blend mediums like acrylic and aerosol paint with untraditional items such as cement, silicon, and even household goods to create rich textures that highlight the beauty of the unexpected.

From the pop culture we consume, the places we call home, to the nostalgia we all experience, modern life is a blend of contrasting images. The pop iconography and urban elements in my work are a recipe written by society, the results of which I encapsulate and display, pushing the boundaries between what is art and what is reality. By featuring cartoon characters and vivid colors, I evoke a playful style to call forward our inner child and softens us, even if just for the moment it takes to enjoy a work of art.

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Artlord- Pause
$ 7,500.00
Artlord- Glitch Mickey
$ 700.00
Artlord- The Twenty
$ 12,000.00
Artlord- Chain Smoker
$ 8,000.00