David Krovblit

David Krovblit is a Canadian visual artist based in Southern California specializing in analog collage. Krovblit borrows imagery from vintage books and magazines to build contemporary collages rooted in pop and historical pop culture. The asymmetrical layers explore nature, life and death, science fiction, mythology, consumerism and consumption.

Krovblit references 19th century botanicals, vintage medical anatomy, pop surrealism, pulp and retro futurism to build his layers. He curates images lost in time - repackaging them to build an entirely new story - a process he describes as “capitalizing on the beauty”. Krovblit’s techniques are ever-evolving and progressive, combining traditional and new methods. He favors a digital-analog process that begins in photoshop - using it to concept and sketch - a kind of maquette that ultimately becomes his guide to create the final hand-cut collage. 

Krovblit prints the full collage to any scale, cuts all the layers by hand, then re-assembles and glues them onto custom birch panels or stretched canvas. A coat of resin or gel medium seals the work and adds dimension. Texture of the layers often poke up and out through the thick gloss coat - making the collage effect exciting and apparent.
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David Krovblit - Astro
$ 3,400.00
David Krovblit- Lost in Krovblit Land
$ 6,800.00
David Krovblit - Creamsicle
$ 1,950.00
David Krovblit- Honey Lips
$ 10,800.00
David Krovblit- Love Bird Whisper
$ 6,800.00
David Krovblit- Coca-Cola Grenade
$ 6,800.00
David Krovblit- Bengal Tiger
$ 3,000.00
David Krovblit- Pop King Skull
$ 6,800.00
David Krovblit- Decadent Decline Skull Grenade
$ 4,500.00
David Krovblit- Soup Exploit Grenade
$ 750.00
David Krovblit- Faberge Grenades Trio
$ 7,500.00
David Krovblit- Faberge Grenade
$ 7,500.00
David Krovblit- Krovblit's Living Anatomy- Replicon
$ 12,500.00
David Krovblit - Flamingo in the Flower Jungle
$ 5,000.00