Denis Ouch

Ouch’s first artistic efforts took place in the 90’s in St. Petersburg Russia. A decade when the country was passing through the conversation from Communist USSR, the world’s largest state-controlled economy into the free market. Simultaneously, the unregulated democratization of social, political, and financial culture took place. This drastic transformation has profoundly affected Ouch’s conceptualization of the world.... Read More
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Denis Ouch- Sorry, Big Banana
$ 1,900.00
Denis Ouch- Pig Spirit
$ 2,800.00
Denis Ouch- Ouch Ouch Bang Bang
$ 1,900.00
Denis Ouch- Saint Frog
$ 2,400.00
Denis Ouch- Winnie Ouch
$ 3,000.00
Denis Ouch- Mickey Exploited
$ 2,000.00