He Hong Bei

Hongbei He, a Chinese American female artist, 1984-1988 graduated from the Affiliated high school of Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts, 1988-1992 graduated from the Sichuan Academy of Fine Arts. In 2000 she joined the American Society of Artists. She participated in many domestic and international exhibitions and publications. She returned to Beijing in 2007, and now lives and works in Beijing.

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He Hong Bei- Contemplate
$ 18,000.00
He Hong Bei- Away From Hubbub
$ 58,000.00
He Hong Bei- Dumped Garbage- Red Bra
$ 14,000.00
He Hong Bei- Dumped Garbage- Relax No. 7
$ 44,000.00
He Hong Bei- Fogging
$ 18,000.00