LéCash's work blurs the boundaries between modern and abstract art. Heavily influenced by graffiti, he draws inspiration from street art and the pioneering work of modern and contemporary artists from Pablo Picasso and Jean Michel Basquiat to Roy Lichtenstein and Keith Haring.
Since 2015 LéCash has created murals in and around his Los Angeles neighborhood, on a mission to curb violence and foster a sense of community among its residents. LéCash has abandoned and reinvented the canvas, painting on multiple layers of plexiglass, giving his work a vivid dimensionality, all the while maintaining his roots in graffiti and the street. With his free, expressive strokes of color, LéCash appropriates characters from pop culture with wild abandon, creating fresh dialogue around art and its place in society. LéCash continues to work and live in Los Angeles.
"I was always told my dreams will come true when pigs fly
So I went out and started painting flying pigs."

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LéCash- Love Soup
$ 3,250.00
LéCash- Sunday Morning
$ 1,200.00
LéCash- Le Batsy
$ 9,300.00
LéCash- Le Sweet Hearts
$ 6,500.00
LéCash- Le Guernica
$ 25,000.00
LéCash- King Ali
$ 6,850.00
LéCash- Le Dusa
$ 4,250.00
LéCash- Mickey Doodle
$ 12,400.00