Luciana Caporaso

British born Luciana Caporaso - dubbed ‘Queen of Electro’ has stood at the forefront of Dance Music  with a supercharged sound that has infiltrated dance floors across the globe particularly in the United States where she has had NINE Billboard Dance No.1’s. 

She is the It Girl who started the electro nu wave movement with the multiplatinum “Yeah Yeah.”

Now from her LA studios Luciana has just released her first fine art collection – a series  of famous icons – dripping in punk. A unique blend of her two loves music and  art – as captured by the renowned photographer Dennis Leopold for Mexican lifestyle magazine M Revista.

"I want my art to punch you in the face

but at the same time make you smile playfully,

like we're in on the same joke,

even though we've never met.

I get it and I get you. To me that's art.

I want my art to hang on your wall, wake you up, lift you up.

I want it to resonate with your rebellious heart

just as it did mine when I created it.

Join my rebellion." ~Luciana

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Luciana Caporaso- Tupac Shakur - All Eyez on Me
$ 3,250.00
Luciana Caporaso- David Bowie - Ashes to Ashes
$ 6,500.00
Luciana Caporaso- Kurt Cobain - There Goes My Hero
$ 6,500.00
Luciana Caporaso - Divine- I Am Beautiful
$ 4,350.00
Luciana Caporaso - Liz Taylor - The Girl Who Had Everything
$ 4,350.00
Luciana Caporaso- God Save the Queen Triptych
$ 3,300.00
Luciana Caporaso- Drops of Jupiter
$ 15,000.00
Luciana Caporaso- Freakin in Stereo 1
$ 3,250.00
Luciana Caporaso- Freakin in Stereo 2
$ 3,250.00
Luciana Caporaso- Viva la Difference
$ 15,000.00