Marton Varo

Márton Váró arrived in the United States in 1989 on a Fulbright Scholarship and was affiliated with the University of California at Irvine to study the relationship between architecture and sculpture.

He works in the traditional method of carving directly in the stone or marble, which allows him complete control from conception to completion. ‘’First I establish a relationship with the stone, studying it closely. I draw on the block and then start carving with respect and affection, allowing the stone to suggest where to stop, what to leave. Every piece of stone is different, a new experience.

Váró travels to Italy several times a year to select his favored medium, the marble from the famed quarries of Carrara. The artist is also adept in limestone and travertine.

Váró’s highly defined figurative work shows his eye for finely calculated formal relationships combined with a modern aesthetic. The famed British art historian and critic, Edward Lucie-Smith states that Váró’s interpretation of the feminine form “captures echoes of Rodin and Maillol.”

The artist’s non-figurative work, a series of cubes that combine fragments of soft drapery and geometric shapes, often reach heroic proportions. On a grand scale, they are focal points of an architectural ensemble, being an artwork and architectural elements as well.

Márton Váró’s sculptures are included in numerous museums and private collections worldwide including Germany, Greece, Hungary, Italy, Norway, Bulgaria, Finland and the United States, with museum pieces at the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam, the National Gallery in Budapest, the Central Finland Museum of Art, the Art Institute of Southern California and the University of California, Irvine.

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Marton Varo - Marton's Vision
$ 30,000.00
Marton Varo - Draped Woman
$ 68,000.00
Marton Varo- Female Torso
$ 25,000.00
Marton Varo- Aphrodite
$ 30,000.00
Marton Varo- Angel
$ 7,800.00
Marton Varo- Esperanza (Hope)
$ 20,000.00
Marton Varo- Emerging
$ 25,000.00
Marton Varo- Female Torso-Turkish Marble
$ 55,000.00
Marton Varo- Small Female (Study)
$ 3,200.00
Marton Varo- Small Draped Woman (Study)
$ 3,200.00
Marton Varo- Angel
$ 25,000.00
Marton Varo- 33 Cubes
$ 24,000.00
Marton Varo- Stepping Out
$ 78,000.00