Orlando Agudelo-Botero

Beyond the lyrical appeal of his masterful balance of color and composition, Orlando’s art also resounds with the profound element of fearlessness: the willingness of the artist to make that which is seemingly intangible, tangible to the human eye…giving form and value to our most personal feelings and ideals as human beings. 

With his paintings both in private and public collections as prestigious and diverse as The Carter Presidential Library, NBC Corporate Headquarters at the Rockefeller Center, The Chrysler Corporation, St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital, The Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, and The Betty Ford Center among many others, Orlando Agudelo-Botero has emerged as both a prolific and truly singular voice in the contemporary art scene; his name associated with a rapturous body of work that has the alchemy to both forge a connection and elicit a deep emotional response in the viewer.


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Orlando Agudelo-Botero- LOS PENSANTES (The Scholars) Triptych
$ 32,000.00
Orlando Agudelo-Botero- La Vida Procreacion (Procreation)
$ 32,000.00
Orlando Agudelo-Botero- MI MUSA
$ 35,000.00
Orlando Agudelo-Botero- Abrazo (Fraternal Embrace)
$ 37,000.00
Orlando Agudelo-Botero- El Beso (The Kiss)
$ 35,000.00
Orlando Agudelo-Botero- LOS PENSANTES (The Scholars)
$ 32,000.00
Orlando Agudelo-Botero- Maestro
$ 30,000.00