Orlando Agudelo-Botero- AMOR, COMUNICACIÓN (Love, Communication)

Orlando Agudelo-Botero- AMOR, COMUNICACIÓN (Love, Communication)

$ 25,000.00

Orlando Agudelo-Botero
AMOR, COMUNICACIÓN (Love, Communication), 2019
Oil on Canvas

“The key to the success of any relationship between two human beings is ‘Communication’


Both personalities in this painting, representing male and female, face one another while emerged  in a dialogue of their personal and individual perspectives relevant to their relationship. 


The strong lines which rhythmically give form to their profiles are representative of people throughout the various civilizations and cultures of past present and future. Communication has been, is,  and always will be a leading factor to harmony in any relationship, whether personal or professional it must always be the conduct to the success of any two people or more and their commitment to one another. 


As a symbol of communication in this work, the hair lines become the voice of the painting and connect from one figure to the other, some lines going back and forth as it is representational of a constructive, healthy conversation, an exchange of ideas, of view points, all for the sake of advancing the architectural wonder which is the friendship within any relationship.


The golden violin is a contributor to the mood of the conversation; it assists in creating a setting conducive to the exchange of ideas. A softer, gentle tone which always will be the fundamental venue for a positive outcome. In achieving that, the furthering of human relations will accomplish a greater distance.” -Orlando Agudelo-Botero

This piece is on stretched canvas and will be professionally packaged and shipped upon order