Pat Hobaugh

Pat Hobaugh grew up on a small farm outside of West Lafayette. While earning degrees in Management & Communications from Purdue University, he took a fateful art history class that launched him into a whole other world. He spent the next three years teaching himself how to paint then went back to school for a Bachelors in Fine Arts from the University of Iowa then a Masters of Fine Arts from the University of Wisconsin. His work can be found in several galleries around the US and in private and public collections around the world.

Excerpt from an article in American Art Collector (November 2015, pp.146-147):

Pat Hobaugh uses playful iconic objects to fill his pop culture still lifes, such as toy figurines and Twinkies, but while his work induces smiles and salivating, the artist has a grander aim with his setups: to examine people’s relationship with consumerism and generational differences…“There’s something for everyone in these paintings. Whether it’s an association with something from your childhood or your kids’, it will make you smile and think,” Hobaugh says. “I think people come to my work first for the humor and cultural associations, but then the work is designed so the longer the viewer looks at it, they start to see the layers of meaning and content that are there.”



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Pat Hobaugh - Don't Drink the Kool Aid
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