Russian Doll

 Alice Seliverstova was born in the South of Russia in a family of architects. “My father is an architect; he was teaching me how to draw since I was one year old. It gave me so much inspiration for the rest of my life”.                         
  In 2009, after graduating from Architecture University the artist moved to St. Petersburg (Russia), the most beautiful and cultural city in Russia. For nine years Alice had been working as an architect, an interior designer, and a painter.
  From 2013 through 2015, Alice was working as the main architect of a big reconstruction project of the First Electrical Substation that was built in the 19th century into a new office space. Also, Alice participated in a reconstruction project of the Russian National Museum's yards. While living in St. Petersburg she was in a group of artists creating frescoes in Renaissance style, using tempera paint for luxury houses and apartments.
  In January of 2017, while being on her trip to New York City Alice met her future husband, Brooklyn base contemporary artist Denis Ouch, and moved to America. For the past two years, Alice has been helping her husband in studio, where she learned the silk-screening technique and also with murals. She fell in love with a process and about a year ago started to do her own art projects. “It was a tough time for me to be separated from my home and family and I'd been looking for a way to reconnect to my culture, so I started to paint.” Her first series consisted of    Sculls with Russian native patterns. That gave Alice an idea to call her art project Russian Doll as it relates to her aesthetic and heritage “One thing comes out of another.” 
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Russian Doll - Exit
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Russian Doll - Yo
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Russian Doll - Mona & Louis
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