Russian Doll


  In 2009 Russian Doll graduated from Saint Petersburg State University of Architecture and Civil Engineering. For nine years Russian Doll was working as an architect, an interior designer, and a painter.

   In January of 2017, while being on a trip to New York City Russian Doll met her future husband, Brooklyn base contemporary artist Denis Ouch, and moved to America. For the past two years, Russian Doll has been helping her husband in the studio, where she learned the silk-screening technique. She fell in love with the process and about a year ago started to do her own art projects. Today we find her newest body of work inspired by Louvre iconography.

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Russian Doll - Exit
$ 1,200.00
Russian Doll - Yo
$ 1,200.00
Russian Doll - Mona & Louis
$ 1,200.00