Sahara Novotna

From metal welding, to glass work, illustrations and even graffiti, the artwork of Australianborn Sahara Novotna’s creative expressions have taken many different forms. A proud thirdgeneration artist, she has found pleasure in not only the physicality of the work, but also as an effective way to voice thoughts on everything from politics to pop culture, as seen in her acclaimed ‘Money’ series. Exposed early to the intricacies of sculpting with metal and wood by her father, a Czech artist, she has grown with the notion that inspiration should only be bound by the imagination and not the materials. Paired with her love of travel bestowed to her by her mother, Sahara’s work offers the execution of highly unique concepts and styles that have been informed by her distinct experiences. Now after her extensive journeys through Asia, Europe, the Middle East, and more recently South America, Sahara has finally settled in Los Angeles, opening a collaborative studio and gallery space in Hollywood. With the freedom to explore her art further in different media and collaborate with other inspiring artists, Sahara is finding new truths in the exchange between the mind and the canvas.
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Sahara Novotna- Pill Bear
$ 600.00
Sahara Novotna - Zero Fucks Given, 2019
$ 650.00
Sahara Novotna - Eat Me Pills, 2019
$ 1,400.00