Sherry Pollack Walker

I have been creating paintings digitally, on an iPad, as opposed to paper or canvas, I am able to paint -moving pixels around juxtaposing clean lines and gradients, and reflecting on what I see in Newport Beach, CA and Rossland, BC and in my imagination. This has lead to a series of three-dimensional paintings printed on two plexiglass panels creating depth, shadows and an architectural element. These three-dimensional works blur the lines between painting and sculpture. 

~Sherry Pollack Walker

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Sherry Pollack Walker- Crystal Cove
$ 1,400.00
Sherry Pollack Walker- French Weightlifter
$ 950.00
Sherry Pollack Walker- Bikes Don't Leak Oil, They Mark Their Territory
$ 1,500.00
Sherry Pollack Walker- French Woman Sunbathing
$ 950.00
Sherry Pollack Walker- Desert Home
$ 2,900.00
Sherry Pollack Walker - Beach Cruisers
$ 1,400.00