Vladimir Cora

Vladimir Cora (born 1951, Acaponeta, Nayarit) is a Mexican painter and sculptor based in the state of Nayarit, whose work has been recognized by various awards and membership in the Salón de la Plástica Mexicana. He discovered art at age fifteen, after deciding that he could not be a musician. He received training in Tijuana and Mexico City, with his first success in the 1980s. His style has been described as neo-figurative, minimalist and coarse, and he creates his works in series usually related to the apostles, flowers, birds and women, especially those related to Nayarit.  Vladimir has defined himself as a romantic who should have been born in the 18th century.

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Vladimir Cora - Bodegon Persiana
$ 10,000.00
Vladimir Cora - Vendedor de Sandía Roja
$ 45,000.00