David Krovblit - Faberge Grenades, Trio, 2020

David Krovblit - Faberge Grenades, Trio, 2020

$ 4,500.00

Photography Print with 1-inch Plexiglass 

20 x 30 in 

It is important to acknowledge that these face-to plexi art pieces are made with the real Diasec process. This process was developed in the ’60s and uses a silicone instead of double-sided adhesive to mount the photo to the acrylic. They are considered to have ultimate longevity by museums. They have also  proven to fade less than archival prints
There are tests from pieces that were made in the ’60s 

All my new pieces are Diasec. I use the only supplier in North America. They come with a guarantee that they will not fail. Pieces done with adhesive might fail at some point. This is why they are so expensive. The only true museum standard.